Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Bob Book

 One of my guitar students was so incredibly nice to share this book with me that he found while working at a local book sale.  This is Incredible !

  It is actually a very off-the-wall humorous book, which is fine with me. 
I enjoy that sort of stuff.  But I just find it so marvelous because of all of the information that has been so thoughtfully and meticulously compiled.  Trivia and facts, stories, and quotes from all sorts of people who just happen to have been gifted and blessed enough to share my name.

   Here are some of the section and chapter titles--
The Meaning of Bob.. Why Bob?.. Who is Bob?.. Bob-ness.. The World According to Bob.. What Makes Bob Squirm? (how did they find out?) .. Bob's Dreams.. Bob Style.. the Romantic Bob..  In Bob We Trust.. etc.. you sorta get the idea.. don't ya ?

  Example of the sort of info in this book- there is actually a place called No Bob, Kentucky.  Population of only 50.  I figured because of the name that there were actually no residents of this town named Bob.  I was thinking of moving there to even things out.  Every town or city needs at least one Bob to make up for all of the non-Bobs that are polluting the atmosphere.  But I find out that the name actually comes from a time in the 19th century when a resident named Bob became lost and a search party would return each day and be asked, "No Bob?"  Strange but true!

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